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Inspired by her "Spiritual Guide"

Oracle of Atlantis from the Oldest Civilization

Atlantis, a vanished world that evokes numerous hypotheses. Where was it? What was it like? Were you an Atlantean in the past life?

It is the oracle world’s oldest. Inspired by her spiritual guide, French author and clairvoyant Marguerite Bevilacqua created the tarot deck, the “Oracle of Atlantis”. She envisioned, the mysterious continent that existed some 14,000 years before the Common Era. In her vision, she visualized the birth and destruction of Atlantis, lost by human stupidity.

Through the different arcane you will discover the symbolism of the most evaluated civilization. They knew about secrets notion of space time and the law of nature. Going to each of the 42 oracles, you will see the path of the initiates and will learn about yourself and your destiny.

Enjoy the tarot cart, the “Oracle of Atlantis”. It is all about spirituality, inspiration and wisdom. This oracle intended to answer all the questions you have about your life and people you love.

Test if you were in Atlantis in past life?
The test is included in the package.


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Purchase the Oracle of Atlantis tarot deck now!

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42 cards of the Oracle and booklet with instructions in English and French.

5.5 inches x 3.5 inches and 14 cm x 9 cm

The booklet contains:

  • Principles of the Oracle.
  • Significance of each card and symbol.
  • Sampling methods of divination carts.
  • Test if you were in Atlantis in past life?